Ohiko Oy is now Renta Pumps Finland

Renta Pumps offers a full-service bypass pumping and groundwater management in Finland, the Baltics, and Poland with the help of experienced specialists. Bypass pumping and groundwater management require special expertise and equipment. Renta Pumps brings together over 100 specialists in five countries.

What’s it about?

Renta Pumps is a new unit formed from the former Ohiko’s staff and equipment in Finland. Similarly, in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, Renta Pumps was previously known as Uprent.

The new Renta Pumps employs over 100 specialists in bypass pumping and groundwater management. Both expertise and equipment can move swiftly across borders.

Renta’s equipment rental network supports Renta Pumps and offers its services.

What services does Renta Pumps offer?

Renta Pumps specializes in full-service bypass pumping, groundwater management, excavation supports, and related special equipment.

Bypass pumping is needed when wastewater or other liquids must be temporarily moved from one place to another, for example, past a renovation site. Bypass pumping allows work to be carried out dry, without interruption to operations.

Renta Pumps offers full-service projects for groundwater management. Renta Pumps’ Baltic unit has strong specialized expertise in this area, which is also available for projects in Finland.

Quickly installable excavation supports enable safe and cost-effective work in excavations, especially in tight areas like cities.

Who benefits from the services?

Typical customers for pumping services include infrastructure builders, earthwork companies, companies performing water and sewerage renovations, water utilities, and industry.

Renta Pumps can assist virtually anyone with a need or problem related to the transfer of water, slurries, and sludge.

With Renta Pumps, Finland can now utilize the Baltic’s high-level expertise and pumping equipment in a new way as part of projects. There are already excellent experiences from team collaboration, and the growth potential is significant.

What is the quality of the service based on?

Renta Pumps’ employees and teams have unique expertise in pumping projects. The operating model has been refined to be reliable, cost-effective, and sure. Now, even broader resources are available.

Customers can fully entrust their project to Renta Pumps. First-class equipment, remote monitoring at all sites, backup systems, and continuous on-call service are available.

“The core of our operation is trust, responsibility, service orientation, and speed,” summarizes Petri Id, who formerly served as the CEO of Ohiko and is now the CEO of Renta Pumps Finland.


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