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Mona Savallampi


Education: Sales and Visual Marketing Bachelor

Started at Renta: 1/2021


Why would you recommend Renta as a workplace?

At Renta, there is a pleasant atmosphere, and you get to roll up your sleeves and get down to work in earnest


“The work community seemed like the kind of place I want to stay.”


Mona Savallampi became a Renta employee through an internship associated with her studies.

“I applied for a five-month internship through my school. Renta was a brand I had seen around various sports events and elsewhere, and it seemed interesting. There wasn’t even a specific job opening at that time; I just applied, and it worked out,” Mona explains.

After completing her internship, Mona decided to continue working at Renta. According to her, the key reasons were the diverse tasks and the atmosphere at Renta.

“At Renta, I got to learn right from the start. I could roll up my sleeves and see what marketing is like in practice. I had a variety of tasks, and my appetite for learning grew,” Mona says.

“When I started my internship, we were still working remotely, but even through Teams, I could feel the great atmosphere at Renta. I felt comfortable asking everyone for help. The work community seemed like the kind of place I want to stay,” she adds.

Currently, Mona’s days consist of various tasks supporting sales and marketing. She works on both external and internal communication, producing content for Renta’s different channels.

During a typical day, her desk might have a flyer for Rovaniemi, photo editing for Renta Easy, or planning video projects.

One memorable moment for Mona was early in her Renta career when she saw coupons she had designed printed in a magazine.

“It was nice to see that my work mattered, and when you send that PDF to a printer, it gets printed, and people see it. Nowadays, it’s routine to see materials you’ve created, but that first moment was cool,” Mona recalls.

“When it comes to challenges, Mona highlights the ever-changing trends in marketing and the operational models of social media platforms.

“You have to keep your antennae up all the time to know what’s worth doing and what’s not. You can’t just create content aimlessly. There are trends in social media; sometimes, for example, videos work, and sometimes they don’t. You have to be ready to adapt to that. Constantly changing trends are a challenge, but they also create opportunities to try new things,” she explains.

One unique aspect of Renta is the vibrant and diverse selection of hobby clubs. Through these clubs, employees receive support for their preferred leisure activities and get to know colleagues from around Finland.

“I found Renta Runners club to be my favorite. Members can participate in various sports, such as skiing, cycling, and running. Actually, because of this club, I’ve become more interested in running. I bought cross-country skis last winter just to join in skiing. This club has influenced me to ski more, especially when others are skiing too,” Mona laughs.

“In October 2022, I exceeded myself and ran a half marathon, the first of its kind. Without the Renta Runners club, I wouldn’t have started something like that,” she adds.

“Mona really enjoys working at Renta. She describes the work atmosphere as pleasant, respectful, and the approach to work as laid-back.

“I think the work community is one of the most important things for enjoying work. I might not have stayed here (after the internship) if the work community hadn’t been pleasant and comfortable for me. I’ve been really happy with our atmosphere,” Mona says.

According to Mona, what sets Renta apart from other workplaces is the low hierarchy.

“It feels like employees are valued. Whatever the title, everyone is equally valuable. Employees are genuinely taken care of.

“I feel that it’s also a strength that Renta is a young company. I’ve had the opportunity to do really cool things. There are also opportunities for employees to do big things and all sorts of new projects when working in such a developing, young company where everything is not completely ready, and processes are decades old, and you can’t influence them anymore,” she notes.

Mona doesn’t rule out the possibility of her journey continuing within Renta in new roles.

“Over the two years, I’ve been an intern, a summer employee, and then I became permanent. I wouldn’t see it as impossible for some career steps to be taken. I’ve already had the chance to try my hand as a project manager; I got an international intra-project to manage. I’m happy to see where this journey leads!”