Renta Easy – Telematics, utilize data

Renta Easy – rental depot in your pocket! Download from App Store and Google Play. You can also use the app straight from your browser at

Make use of the data provided by Renta’s machines

We equip our larger machines with systems that enable you to view their telematics data and other usage information. Renta Easy displays the machines’ real-time location and the number of hours they have been used for.

When you know where your rental machines are and how they are being used, you can make better decisions based on data. Have you got too much or too little machine capacity available to you? Should you return the machine or replace it with a more suitable one? Should you prepare for maintenance? Does it make more sense to rent or buy the machine?

Renta Easy helps you with decisions like these. Equipment on a worksite is easier to manage and maintain at an optimal level when you have access to up-to-date information, and you can order any services and equipment via the app.