Renta Easy – Equipment management

Renta Easy – rental depot in your pocket! Download from App Store and Google Play. You can also use the app straight from your browser at

Manage equipment and costs

Renta Easy is a handy tool for real-time monitoring – you no longer have to wait until the invoice arrives to know the total costs.

Once you have registered as a private user, you can apply for a company username. A company username makes equipment management easier and more efficient for your company and worksite, and enables you to automate selected functions.

Worksite management is easier when you can keep tabs on the location and use of rental equipment and monitor rental costs.

With the data provided by Renta Easy, new projects are easier to plan because you know what machines you will need and when and what the rental costs will be.

You can make better decisions at the right time based on data and facts.

Benefits of a company username

  • You can view your worksite’s rental equipment and check who rented it and when.
  • With a company username, you can download up-to-date, worksite-specific machinery lists or have the lists sent automatically to your email!
  • View equipment costs for active or completed worksites
  • Check contract prices for rental equipment
  • View worksite-specific invoices
  • Monitor telematics and location data for large machines
  • Order machinery and equipment directly to your worksite
  • Return machinery and equipment when you no longer require it