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Team Renta

Team Renta is the spearhead of our sponsorship, comprising top Finnish athletes. We also support local athletes and clubs, enabling a variety of events across Finland.

The spearhead of our sponsorship

Team Renta consists of top Finnish athletes.

With our support, we aim to promote Finnish elite sports and provide athletes with professional conditions.

Team Renta athletes share the same values with us, both as athletes and individuals.

For us, partnership is more than just having a logo on the chest. We want to embark on creative projects together and support athletes’ passions and ideas, carefully listening to them.

We are a responsible and long-term partner in all our activities – including for athletes. For us, the significance of being an athlete, both at the performance level and as a role model, goes beyond mere competitive success.


“Renta has this family vibe. I like that the sponsor is more than just a financial supporter. Support is, of course, crucial and enables professionalism. At its best, collaboration is very instructive for the athlete, and it can lead to great stories. I have followed, for example, what Renta and Topi have done together.”

–Kristiina Mäkelä, European Championship silver medalist and multiple-time Finnish champion in Triple Jump

(Pictures: Jesse Väänänen)