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Mikko Rämänen


Education: Bachelor´s degree in construction
As an equipment renter: since 2012
Started at Renta: July 2016


Why would you recommend Renta as a workplace?


-We have a great team spirit, and there is a genuine interest in the industry and our customers. Excellent employee benefits are provided, and the well-being of the staff is taken care of. Renta is also a pioneer in the industry, particularly in the field of digitalization. Here, efforts are made to innovate the industry, aiming to serve the customers a little better once again




“A positive team spirit prevails throughout the entire company.”


Mikko Rämänen, who started as an equipment renter in 2012, works as the Regional Sales Manager at the Jyväskylä depot of Renta. His interest in the industry had been sparked in previous roles at a hardware store and as a technical sales representative in the plastics industry. Rämänen became an equipment renter through a public recruitment process.

“While working as a technical sales representative, my customers were hardware stores, construction and plumbing businesses, earthmoving companies, and others. The rental industry intrigued me, and equipment rental is diverse work.

“Rämänen joined Renta in 2016. Having worked as an account manager in the rental industry, he willingly participated in establishing a new equipment rental in Jyväskylä in the role of a Regional Sales Manager.

“I joined Renta in the early stages when the company was being established. The opportunity to be part of the venture presented itself, and I gladly took it.”



A local approach with a can-do attitude


A typical workday is quite busy and bustling. A lot of equipment goes out and comes back. Workdays are very diverse: sometimes we calculate quotes, sometimes we visit construction sites and plan solutions with customers according to their needs.

The hectic daily life is managed with the right tools and a great team. Additionally, subcontractors and fantastic customers make the handling of daily matters easier.

“We have an excellent team in Jyväskylä, and everything runs smoothly. There’s a great team spirit throughout the entire company. Everyone has a can-do attitude, and we help each other. For example, moving equipment between branches is seamless when the need arises.

Rämänen sees the emphasis on Renta’s local approach as a positive aspect. “It’s one of our strengths. We can react quickly to situations, and local knowledge of the area’s markets and practices benefits not only us but also our customers. We also aim to support local subcontractors.

In his work, Rämänen values a good team spirit and the appreciation of the staff. “We have a strong team spirit, and it’s nice when employees are valued. We have excellent employee benefits for every employee, and we take care of our employees. As the latest employee benefit, Rämänen mentions Smartum exercise vouchers. “Welcome to rent with us!”