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For Renta, social sustainability means aiming to be an excellent employer, an attractive partner, and having a positive impact on our operating environment.

Social sustainability - people come first

For Renta, social sustainability means that we want to be an excellent employer, the most attractive partner, and have a positive impact on our operating environment.

We believe that a winning culture is built on trust, openness, and transparency. At Renta, people come first.

We aim to ensure occupational safety, well-being at work, opportunities to influence and develop skills, as well as equal treatment. We believe that well-being also reflects on our customers and partners. This forms the foundation for sustainable and successful business.

It is a matter of honor for us that words and actions align. That’s why we actively listen to both our own people and our customers. We promote occupational safety through equipment, services, and safety information. We actively participate in industry organizations. In addition to supporting elite sports, we also broadly support local sports and youth activities.

Socially sustainable development

The purpose of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is to ensure the well-being of people, human rights, economic prosperity, and societal stability – in an environmentally sustainable manner.

It has been defined (Missimer et al, 2016*) that in a socially sustainable community, there are no systematic barriers that involve:

  1. health and well-being – for example, hazardous working conditions or inadequate compensation
  2. opportunities for influence – for example, disregarding opinions in communal matters
  3. competence, expertise – for example, barriers to education or skill development
  4. equal treatment – for example, discrimination or unfair recruitment criteria
  5. meaning-making – for example, lack of a clear company purpose, uncertainties in responsibility, disrespect towards individual or local community culture, or inconsistencies between words and actions


*Missimer, M., et al., A strategic approach to social sustainability e Part 2: a principle-based definition, Journal of Cleaner Production (2016),

It has been researched that trust is the foundation that binds social systems – for example, teams, company staff, partner networks, or local communities – together. Trust nurtures effective collaboration and helps communities operate efficiently and autonomously, even in challenging situations such as various crises.

The above aspects are also important in Renta’s values.

Renta's way of operating is based on trust and respect

Renta’s way of operating is defined in our Code of Conduct document as well as in our values and vision. Each “renttaaja,” meaning our employees, is responsible for ensuring its implementation through their own actions.

It is of utmost importance to us that our staff, customers, and other stakeholders perceive our operations as ethically sound. Therefore, we encourage everyone to report any observed misconduct. Initially, this should be done to the immediate supervisor, and if necessary, it can also be done anonymously through an external Whistleblowing channel.

We place trust in our employees. Openness, trust, and mutual respect make us an agile and dedicated working community.

Local presence is our strength

Local rental offices have the autonomy to make independent decisions quickly in the best interest of the customer. This is how we earn the customer’s trust.

Therefore, we also want every “renttaaja” to succeed and thrive in their role. Good service comes from committed professionals who support each other. That’s why we actively listen to both our own people and our customers. Well-being is contagious. Customers and partners feel the positive vibes, and it reflects back.

Occupational safety and equality are paramount to us. We want to take care of our employees’ well-being in every possible way and ensure their positions even in challenging situations.

Renta’s operations also contribute to the occupational safety of customers through equipment, services, and safety information.

We respect every individual

All people are equal and have equal rights. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on gender, nationality, ethnic background, skin color, age, religion, belief, opinion, or any personal characteristic.

We do not accept the use of child labor or forced labor in any form, and we do not collaborate with service and product suppliers suspected of or known to use child or forced labor in their supply chains.

Renta annually develops an equality and diversity plan as part of its personnel planning and regularly monitors the implementation of these plans.

A winning culture reflects in the results

We have successfully cultivated a strong and positive culture. According to the latest survey, employee satisfaction received a rating of 8.0/10, and well-being at work scored 4.1/5. The eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score), measuring employees’ willingness to recommend and commitment, was outstandingly high at 55.33 (min -100, max 100).

In addition to our and our customers’ everyday activities, we also aim to have a positive impact on the surrounding society. For this reason, we actively participate in industry organizations and support youth sports, in addition to our support for elite sports.

Local Depots

Our depots operate on weekdays (Mon-Fri) 7.00 AM – 4.30 PM.