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With our extensive range of accessories, we tailor the construction site units to meet your needs.

Drying cabinet

Moisture-removing. 18 meters of drying space. Time-controlled drying. Drying time adjustment from 0-240 minutes.

Height: 185 cm
Width: 59,7 cm
Depth: 61,5 cm
Weight: 50 kg

Article number: 100255


Dishwasher with adjustable baskets and racks. Features include a 70°C intensive wash and a 30-minute quick wash. Noise level 49 dB(A).

Height: 81,8 cm
Width: 59,6 cm
Depth: 59 cm
Weight: 36 kg

Article number: 101407

Portable handwash sink

Portable handwash sink with two faucets.

Width: 120 cm
Depth: 43 cm

Article number: Portable handwash basin / Siirrettävä käsienpesuallas


Available in two different sizes, large and small.

Large refrigerator:
Size: H 185 cm x W 59,5 cm x D 66,8 cm
Article number: 101181

Small refrigerator:
Size: H 84,5 cm x W 59,5 cm x D 57 cm
Article number: 40485

Waste bin

Easy to empty and clean.
(Picture example)

Article number: Waste bin / Roskakori

Microwave oven

Microwave oven capacity 20 liters. Power 800W.

Height: 25,8 cm
Width: 44 cm
Depth: 35,6 cm

Article number: 40494

Air heat pump

2.7 kW air cooler with heating function. Remote-controlled.

Article number: Air heat pump / Ilmalämpöpumppu

Portable air cooler

2.3 kW portable air cooler.

Article number: 40484

Mini ventilation unit

4W miniature ventilation unit.

Article number: Mini ventilation unit / Mini ilmanvaihtokone

Venetian blinds

Adjustable venetian blinds. Available for all windows.

Article number: Venetian blinds / Sälekaihtimet


Magnetic whiteboard.

Small whiteboard
Size: 600 cm x 1800 cm
Article number: 104722

Large whiteboard
Size: 1280 cm x 2200 cm
Article number: 104723

Room divider

Room divider for office desks.

Article number: 104722

Coat rack, 2-part

Wall-mounted model.

Height: 18 cm
Width: 8 cm

Article number: 103857

Coat rack, vertical

Height: 170 cm
Width: 55 cm

Article number: 103858

Coat rack

Height: 190 cm
Width: 120 cm
Depth: 54 cm

Article number: 104498


Included in two-story space solutions.

Article number: Skylight / Valokate

Stair tread

340 x 1200 mm
Article number: 101789

240 900 mm
Article number: 100027

Glass Door

Permanently installed addition.
Article number: Glass door / Lasiovi

Window grilles are also available.
Article number: Window grilles for glass doors / Lasiovien ikkunakalterit

Glass partition wall

Permanently installed addition. Can be obtained with frosted decals.

Article number: Glass partition wall / Lasinen väliseinä

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