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Renta Pumps

Bypass Pumping and Groundwater Lowering from the Industry's Top Expert

We have everything necessary for bypass pumping – whether it’s wastewater, rainwater, or any other fluid.

Our services encompass infrastructure construction, sewer rehabilitation, water utilities, industry, and groundwater management.

Choose us when you want to ensure your project proceeds smoothly, and you can focus on what’s essential.

❗️We are on call 24/7, regardless of the day


Introducing Renta Pumps Suomi

Renta Pumps carries out all sizes of bypass pumping works, other pumping works, groundwater lowering, and also rents out equipment.

👷Our expertise includes full-service bypass systems, management of various pumping projects, groundwater management, shoring supports, and a wide selection of pumping equipment.

🌍 In addition to Finland, Renta Pumps operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland with over 100 professionals. Our equipment and professionals can swiftly cross borders when special expertise in pumping is needed.

🇫🇮 Key personnel at Renta Pumps Finland have decades of experience in bypass pumping tasks. Renta Pumps was previously known in Finland as Ohiko and in the Baltics and Poland as Uprent.

🤝 Our typical clients include infrastructure builders, construction companies, companies undertaking water and sewerage renovations, water utilities, and industries. We can assist anyone with a need or problem related to the transfer of water, slurries, and sludge.

How can we serve you?

Bypass Pumping | We handle various bypass pumping and dewatering tasks for projects such as:

✓ Infrastructure construction
✓ Sewer rehabilitation, pipeline rehabilitation, cured-in-place pipe
✓ Industrial process waters
✓ Groundwater management
✓ Surface water, floodwater, and stormwater management and pumping
✓ Draining of tanks, reservoirs, ponds, etc.
✓ Bypass pumping during maintenance of water plants and pumping stations


Groundwater Management | Renta Pumps offers full-service projects for groundwater management.

Renta Pumps’ Baltic unit has strong specialized expertise in this area, which is also available for projects in Finland.

Trench Shoring | Renta Pumps provides comprehensive, standardized equipment and expertise for trench shoring.

Quickly installed trench shores enable safe and cost-effective work in trenches. Trench shores are particularly useful in tight urban spaces where pipes, valves, cables, foundations, wells, etc., are being installed or repaired.

Equipment Rental | You can also rent specialized pumping and sewer equipment from us, including for the transfer of strong slurries.

✓ Pumps; site pumps, bypass pumps, wastewater pumps, submersible pumps
✓ Plugs; stopper plugs for small and large sewer lines, conical plugs, and special plugs (up to 2400mm diameter)
✓ Hoses and pipes; we have thousands of meters of various suction and discharge hoses, pipes, and fittings
✓ Trench shores; trench shores and shoring systems suitable for different sites


Pumping Services from Renta!

Contact us and tell us about your needs. We are interested in projects of all sizes.
Feel free to contact us when you need a quote or advice on water management.
You don't necessarily need to know all the initial details. We will visit the site to assess the situation, what to prepare for, and make an offer for the solution.
We are a full-service company. We take responsibility for the project. Our core values include service readiness, speed, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. We do the agreed work, within the agreed timeframe, at the agreed price.

Our Approach: Professionals Worth Your Trust

Key personnel at Renta Pumps Finland have decades of experience in bypass pumping tasks. Renta Pumps was previously known in Finland as Ohiko.

Customers have come to recognize the expertise and operational style of Renta Pumps. Word of the highest level of expertise in Finland has spread from water utilities to contractors.

At the core are trust, responsibility, readiness to serve, and speed. We complete the agreed work, on schedule, and at the agreed price.

Dealing with wastewater involves its own risks, which is why it’s important that Renta Pumps takes full responsibility for the bypass pumping. The client doesn’t have to worry or stress but can rest easy.

Cost-effective and reliable operations are made possible by first-class equipment, remote monitoring at all sites, backup systems, and continuous on-call service. If something unexpected occurs, Renta Pumps takes care of it.

Renta Pumps offers the professionals from the former Ohiko broader shoulders and the opportunity to serve. It utilizes the resources of the entire Renta rental network, over 100 bypass pumping professionals in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, and a large amount of new specialized equipment. The business in the Baltics and Poland was previously known as Uprent.

With this, Renta Pumps is the undisputed leader in bypass and specialized pumping in Finland.


How does bypass pumping work?

🚰 Bypass pumping allows wastewater or any liquid to be temporarily transferred from one place to another.
⚙️ Bypass pumping is utilized, for example, in sewer rehabilitation and maintenance work at water plants and in industry.
✅ Bypass pumping can be used to bypass or circumvent a sewer line or well being rehabilitated. This way, the necessary work can be done dry, and the sewer can continue to be used normally during the work.
🏗🏭Thanks to bypass pumping, construction sites or industrial processes can proceed uninterrupted and on schedule. Pumping can also be used for managing floodwaters and groundwater.
👷‍♂️🤝Renta Pumps handles various bypass and specialized pumping projects cost-effectively, using a full-service model. Customers can fully trust Renta Pumps with the task and sleep peacefully at night.
💧❓If you're having problems with water or sludge, we can help! If needed, we also rent out equipment only.

I need help with pumping – how do I proceed?

Call or send us a message and describe your situation. A call is a good way to get started. You can always call and ask for advice from us.

In practice, we almost always visit the site to assess what type of material and quantities we need to prepare for.

Important information for us includes the flow rate, pipe size, well depth, and pumping distance. We can figure these things out together with you.

Renta Pumps Suomi

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