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Weather protection

The benefits of weather protection include consistently providing dry working conditions. The construction site operates normally, whether it’s raining or snowing outside.

Why weather protection?

Finland’s four seasons make construction challenging.

For variable conditions, we offer weather protection for projects of all sizes. The most significant benefit of weather shelters is moisture control. By protecting your construction site, building materials, machinery, and equipment, you ensure that your site operates in every season.

Typically, weather protections are constructed in two parts. A weather protection is installed on top of a scaffold built above the roof. Scaffolding is also erected around the building and covered with weather shelters. This creates a tent-like structure around the building, preventing moisture and adverse weather conditions.

Weather protections and scaffolding can also be used to create a separate tent on the construction site for storing building materials.

Another advantage of weather protection is ensuring consistently dry working conditions. The construction site can operate normally regardless of rain or snow.


  • The maximum spans of weather protection are 35m (without tie rod)
  • Keder rail tarpaulin covers
  • They function as a crucial part of the moisture management plan
  • The efficiency of the work remains consistent
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