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Values and vision

Where new things are built and created. Where existing things are fixed and improved. Where everyday life is hard work and days are weather-beaten. There, where you are. That’s where you’ll find us too.

Professionals of your trust

Equipment rental is strongly local business. At Rental, local rental shops receive all the support, trust, and respect they need throughout the chain, all the way from leadership.

We believe in creating a winning culture by putting people first and providing the freedom and empowerment to make decisions in the best interest of the customer.

Local presence is the absolute cornerstone of Rental’s operations, the foundational pillar #1. It guides everything from organizational structure to culture, investment strategy to daily actions.

Our agile and lightweight structure, innovation, and the ease of renting have quickly made us a pioneer in the equipment rental market where we operate.

We promise that we are professionals worthy of your trust.

We believe that our way of working with customers makes us the most attractive rental partner in the Baltic Sea region.


Renta´s values

Renta succeeds as a company as well as its local branches succeed in serving local customers. Renta’s values guide all operations, from planning to leadership, investments to management.

Understanding the customer

The leadership model

Trust and respect

Our way of operating

We focus on local presence
Agile and lightweight structure
Innovativeness and ease of renting
Steal with pride
Winning culture

Our promises
Our vision