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Construction Site Units Turnkey Service

With Renta’s services, you can acquire everything you need for your construction site units from one source.

We offer installation and transportation services, HVAC solutions, as well as telecommunication connections.

Renta’s construction site units services enable smooth and uninterrupted operations at the construction site.


Construction site units are always customized to meet the customer’s needs. All units can be modified according to the customer’s preferences. Customers and their needs vary, so good design and adaptable spaces enable success in all stages of the project.

Renta Modules, the drawing tool for construction site units, allows exploration of the units in a 3D environment before delivery. Modules make it easier for the customer to assess the functionality of the plans. The program enables the examination of various space changes and the presentation of finished units during the planning meetings.


The construction site units are delivered according to schedule, and our skilled installers ensure that the facilities are fully operational for the customer at the handover moment.

The units can be delivered to the construction site as they are or pre-installed. We can also handle electrical and HVAC work for the construction site units.


Is your site in a public location where the construction site units needs to meet certain visual standards? No worries, we have a solution! The facade of the construction site units can be enhanced with various panels, fabrics and graphics. You can design the pattern yourself or request a quote from us.

Our construction site units have been utilized as museums, cafes, restaurants, and testing stations, among other uses


Functional construction site units require regular and appropriate maintenance services. We want to ensure that the customer has functional and safe conditions for work.

The furniture solutions in the units are flexible and can be modified as needed during the progress of the construction site. As the construction site progresses, the customer’s needs may change, and the units can be adjusted to be more suitable through furniture modifications.


If the customer desires, construction site units can be delivered as a turnkey package, which includes HVAC solutions. This allows the construction site staff to fully focus on their core competencies. This is always discussed with the customer on a case-by-case basis.

Intelligence arrived in the construction site facility

We can implement your construction site units with ready-made IT and telecommunication solutions. In practice, the construction site units can have the same capabilities as an office, and performing tasks can be done without unnecessary transitions between different points. With a pre-built service, the construction site workers can focus on their tasks from the beginning, where they excel.

Through us, you can get an internet connection suitable for the entire setup with a WLAN network. Depending on the location and overall setup, we can establish a fixed fiber optic connection or a 5G network.

With network connections, we can set up automatic notifications that improve the usability and safety of construction site units.

Through network connections, the construction site units can be equipped with firewalls, information displays, remotely monitored smart locks, access control, intrusion detection hardware, and fire detectors.

Renta Construction Site Units

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