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Business ID

Ensure the efficiency of your construction site with Renta Easy! With a business ID, you get access to advanced management tools, such as the ability to place orders directly from your company account, easily track orders, rented equipment, and invoices all in one place.

By utilizing business ID, you stay up-to-date on the usage and costs of rental equipment, helping you save time and money on your construction site. Apply for business ID for free!

Business ID application

You can apply for Renta Easy company IDs for free after logging in with your personal ID on Renta Easy.

Varying levels of access rights

Different levels of access rights can be assigned to company accounts. The user rights are managed by the main user of the company. In larger organizations, it is advisable to appoint multiple main users.

  • Master user – Sees everything and can manage the company’s account as well as user rights
  • Organizational user – Full access without the right to manage other users
  • Site administrator – Can manage everything on one or multiple construction sites
  • Site user – Can rent, view rented equipment on the construction site, and see contract prices
  • Subconstractors – Can see rented equipment

Take control with Easy!

Business ID