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Renta Future TV

Renta Future TV is a six-part talk show series on sustainability. It’s created for those who are interested in sustainability issues and equally for those who may be skeptical about the entire discourse on sustainability.

Renta Future TV – A six-part talk show series on sustainability.

In each episode of Renta Future TV, a rotating lineup of guests discusses a specific sustainability theme. The discussions are hosted by Team Renta’s sports stars, Ella Junnila and Kristiina Mäkelä.

Three compelling reasons to watch:


1. Interesting guests – each episode features four diverse and influential influencers and experts.


2. Amazing studio team – hosted by track and field stars Ella Junnila and Kristiina Mäkelä.


3. Tight themes – including future machinery, skills shortage, emissions, safety, and business opportunities.


Renta Future TV is hosted by Team Renta’s high jumper Ella Junnila and triple jumper Kristiina Mäkelä.

The athlete stars bring their unique personalities to the studio, seamlessly taking on their roles as hosts. Their genuine interest in sustainability issues is evident in the discussions, giving viewers a chance to see a new side of Ella and Kristiina.

Renta Future TV - episodes: