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Mikael Lindgren


Education: Fitness instructor

Started at Renta: 11/2020


Why would you recommend Renta as a workplace?

-Renta genuinely cares about the employee.


“The work they were doing there looked so good.”


Mikael Lindgren ended up working for Renta somewhat by accident. Having had a long career in sports, especially in wrestling, the Oulu native had been observing the rental company’s activities and gathered the courage to ask a question worth asking.

“I’ve known Ari Tervonen, the head of Renta in Oulu, for quite a while from other endeavors, and I would visit him occasionally for coffee and greetings. Then one day – it looked so good, the hustle they had going on there – I just asked if there might be a job for me. And it turned out there was! It was a kind of coincidence, so to speak,” Lindgren recalls.

The first six months were spent on the return side, cleaning equipment. Gradually, he became familiar with the machines. Nowadays, “Mikke” enjoys his time at the Renta counter in Oulu, welcoming customers, answering the phone, and taking Renta Easy orders. However, you never know what the day might bring.

“Now, for example, I’m at the Kempele branch helping out because there’s a huge amount of construction site facilities leaving from there.”

Good social skills have helped Mikael adapt to the new field.

“I like to tinker and solve so-called problems for the customer, or if the customer doesn’t know what they need. I like to interact with customers – and more face-to-face than on the phone. I also like to do things with my hands. If a customer needs scaffolding, I’m more than happy to carry it on board myself,” Mikael explains.

Equipment rental offers plenty of challenges and new things to learn. You can’t and don’t need to know everything right away.

“Fortunately, we have seasoned professionals you can always ask, so the job doesn’t get stuck but always moves forward. You’re never alone here.”

Among the Renta staff, there’s a relaxed atmosphere. Mikael praises his colleagues and the atmosphere in Oulu and Kempele.

“You don’t have to worry or watch your words. We always help each other. There’s no internal competition.”

Still practicing “wrestling coaching,” Mikael mentions receiving support from the employer for coaching activities. For Renta, promoting exercise and movement is an important value.

“We have the national championships coming up in May, and I’ve received support from work regarding training and planning. I’ve liked that.”

When asked what sets Renta apart from other workplaces, Mikael highlights comprehensive occupational health services.

“They really take care of the employee. There are all kinds of benefits. I’ve used Smartum vouchers for massages, and then our occupational health is pretty amazing. I’ve never encountered such good occupational health in previous professions. And we also have a bonus system, which feels really nice,” Lindgren lists.

“I’m extremely satisfied. Even the work at the counter is so different every day. This suits me very well.”