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Construction Site Units

The construction site is your workplace. Why not make it comfortable and functional? Renta Construction Site Units offers high-quality solutions for this.

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Why Renta's Construction Site Units?

Almost nothing serves as a more robust calling card for a construction site than stylish, comfortable, and recognizable on-site cabins and units. Renta’s construction site units and furniture are always consistent and customizable according to the customer’s needs.

The construction site units are always tailored to meet the customer’s requirements. All spaces can be modified according to the customer’s preferences. Customers and their needs vary, so good design and adaptable spaces enable success in all stages of the project.

Renta Modules, the drawing tool for construction site units, allows exploration of the spaces in a 3D environment before delivery. Modules make it easier for the customer to assess the functionality of the plans. The program enables the examination of various space changes and the presentation of finished spaces during the planning meetings.


Fill out the maintenance request form if you feel that there is maintenance or improvement needed in your construction site facilities.

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Browse the construction site units catalog and choose tailored solutions and furniture for your specific construction site.

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