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Future Fleet

Renta's Future Fleet consists of machines and equipment that represent future technologies.

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What is it about?

Renta’s Future Fleet consists of machines and equipment that represent future technologies. To earn the Future Fleet designation, the equipment must clearly offer superior environmental efficiency, job safety, or emission-free operation compared to mainstream options on the current market.

What are the benefits?

The Future Fleet designation helps pioneers find the most advanced machines and equipment in Renta’s range. The Future Fleet label helps us communicate the direction in which the world of construction machinery and equipment is evolving.

New technologies are introduced gradually, and that’s why there is a limited number of certain equipment in the rental range. It is essential for us to gain practical experience with equipment that represents the mainstream of the future. At the same time, we can ‘open the game’ towards users. Rental provides an excellent opportunity to gain experience with future equipment.


The Future Fleet designation is earned by, for example, fully electric scissor lifts and wheel loaders. Their emission-free operation and low noise levels make them highly attractive for indoor and other environments where these features are crucial. Another example is the automatic pressure equalizers used in connection with depressurizers, which can significantly reduce heat loss on the construction site and prevent dust leaks caused by pressure differences.

the selection

You can find all Future Fleet machines here!

Future Fleet tag

Look for the green Future Fleet tag in Renta’s range to make it easier to find environmentally friendly machines and equipment. The labeled equipment represents the most advanced technology in the industry and improves job safety.