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Code of conduct

Profenssionals of your trust. That´s who we are.

Renta Code Of Conduct

Professionals of your trust

Renta wants to be a responsible actor in and of itself. With all our operations, we aim to promote responsible and environmentally sustainable practices. Our business inherently enhances safety and responsibility while contributing to sustainable development. Regulations and laws govern our activities, setting a baseline that every employee is naturally responsible for achieving. However, we aspire to go beyond and set an example as a leader in the industry.


Renta’s values and leadership model are built on transparency, trust, and mutual respect. Achieving these requires honesty from every employee and guides both our internal operations and interactions with customers and external partners. We want our customers and business partners to trust us, and for our reputation to remain honest, enabling business growth and development. We are professionals worthy of the trust of our customers and partners.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Renta’s operations are based entirely on compliance with laws, regulations, and other issued guidelines, and adherence to these is the responsibility of every employee. Compliance with country-specific laws must be taken into account. Ethical conduct and unwavering commitment to rules take precedence. Every employee must take responsibility for their actions and act correctly in their own work. We also expect that the activities of our partners comply with the law. If you are unsure about how to proceed correctly, please contact your supervisor.

Safeguarding a safe working environment

Ensuring a safe working environment for all employees is one of Renta’s principles. Each employee is responsible for ensuring that the operation follows provided safety instructions and legal regulations. Any deviance from standard procedures and neglect is addressed immediately, and issues are rectified promptly. Working conditions in all our units are appropriate and secure. Any problems that compromise health and safety are addressed as quickly as possible. We regularly monitor the implementation of occupational safety and health.

We also promote the safety of our customers’ operations and working environments by providing safe, reliable, and properly inspected construction machinery and equipment, along with related installation and expert services.

Refusal of bribery

Renta does not tolerate bribery at any level or in any form. Inappropriate gifts should not be given or accepted under any circumstances. The development of cooperation should always support the company’s objectives and be related to business, not promote the pursuit of an individual’s personal gain. We cannot offer our partners any benefit, gift, or, for example, a trade fair trip that we ourselves cannot accept. In situations where business gifts are given (e.g., giving a Christmas gift to a customer), it must always be ensured that the value and nature of the gift comply with the company’s approved practices and limits. We do not share unethical gifts in nature or background, and the value of the gift complies with the current tax authorities’ guidelines and approved practices. In questions related to bribery and unclear situations, please contact your supervisor.


Many tasks at Renta involve technical and occupational safety challenges. That’s why we adhere to a zero-tolerance policy regarding substances. Consumption of alcohol and narcotics at work, as well as working under the influence, is strictly prohibited. Employees must not come to work under the influence, and substances must not be consumed on the company’s or customers’ premises. For those struggling with substance abuse, we have established an early intervention and referral model for treatment.

Respect for Human Rights

Renta acknowledges its responsibility to respect and support human rights in its operations. All individuals are equal and have the right to be treated with dignity. We do not accept any form of discrimination based on gender, nationality, ethnic background, skin color, age, religion, belief, opinion, or any personal characteristic. If discrimination is identified, immediate intervention is taken to stop and address the situation.

All behaviors that violate human dignity, such as mental and physical violence, as well as sexual harassment, are strictly prohibited in all forms. In the event of such behavior, every employee is obligated to intervene and report the incident to their supervisor immediately.

We do not accept the use of child labor or forced labor in any form, and we do not collaborate with service and product suppliers suspected of or known to use child or forced labor in their supply chains.

Renta annually develops an equality and diversity plan as part of its workforce planning and regularly monitors the implementation of these plans.

Sustainable Development

Renta strives to promote environmentally friendly solutions in its own operations and advance sustainable development in its customers’ activities by renting out low-emission and energy-efficient machinery and equipment. Our key goal is to promote the efficiency of machine and equipment usage by leveraging the latest technology, which has a significant impact on the overall population of machinery and equipment and, consequently, on raw material and energy consumption.

In our own operations, we acquire for our rental fleet and internal use only machinery and equipment with minimal emissions and energy consumption that are safe and low-wearing for the user. We aim to generate as little waste and hazardous waste as possible and ensure their proper disposal. We regularly monitor the amounts of waste produced and their handling.

Our business, the rental of machinery and equipment, is inherently at the core of the sharing and circular economy, promoting sustainable development in many ways, even on a global scale.

Quality of Operations

Quality of operations at Renta signifies comprehensive development with the aim of ensuring positive outcomes for customers, personnel, the environment, and the business. Our goal is to be the most modern player in the industry. We believe that by innovating and enhancing our services, we can improve the ease and transparency of renting.

Renta’s rental offices have the authority and trust to make decisions and address customer needs with a local touch and entrepreneurial attitude. In addition, local equipment rental offices have the support of a comprehensive network. Renta’s personnel are committed to operating according to common practices and continuously improving them. The same commitment to high-quality work and service is expected from our partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Renta is a significant player both as an employer and as a promoter of its own industry, actively participating as a societal actor in various stakeholder activities.

As an employer, we aim to be reputable and caring for our employees. We fulfill our obligations as an employer without compromise. Our personnel are crucial to us, and we strive to ensure their well-being and safety in every possible way, securing their position even in problematic situations through our practices and comprehensive health and insurance coverage for the entire staff. We annually develop plans related to personnel and discuss development measures with representatives of employee groups.

We adhere to good governance in decision-making and company administration. Our principle is transparency in reporting, and our decision-making authority is documented in writing (Corporate Governance).

As a promoter of our own industry, we actively participate in industry development and advocacy organizations such as the Technical Trade Association and the Association of Construction Equipment Managers. We also have a societal impact through various other stakeholder engagements. We actively participate in events and discussions related to our operations, aiming to promote responsible conduct.

Reporting Incidents or Concerns

Every employee has the obligation to report to the appropriate authority any matter or conduct that they sincerely suspect to be contrary to the law or the principles of good business conduct outlined in this document. The report should be made regardless of the position of the wrongdoer.

Primarily, we encourage contacting one’s immediate supervisor, another person in management, the occupational safety organization, a representative of the employee group, or the human resources department. If an employee feels that it is not possible to report the matter with their name, they can also report it anonymously through Renta’s Whistleblowing reporting channel, remaining anonymous throughout the entire investigation. All reports and discussions are always treated with absolute confidentiality and thoroughness. The handling of the matter and related measures follows Renta’s pre-approved procedures and the legislation regarding the protection of the informant.