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Make sure that there is no excess equipment left idling on the construction site. Through Renta Easy, you handle rentals, returns, and equipment management with a simple click, regardless of the time.

Orders are logged directly into Renta’s system, allowing you to take care of ongoing matters all at once, with certainty and ease.

Why rent through Renta Easy?

Choose the suitable machine and accessories

You can see detailed technical information about machines through Renta Easy, such as the reach of a personnel lift, lifting capacity, and the weight of the machine. This makes it easy for you to choose the machine that is best suited for the job. Add the machine to the rental cart and select either pick-up or delivery to the worksite – it’s all taken care of in one go, with just a few clicks.

Choosing the right machine is also the most economically sensible option. It’s not worth paying extra for a machine that is too large, and with a machine that is too small, the work may be difficult or impossible. As the project progresses, needs may change, and it might be smarter to switch to a smaller or larger machine.

Remember accessories with Easy

Renta Easy suggests essential accessories you might need, such as safety harnesses and extension cords.

Check the availability of the machines

Through Renta Easy, you can directly see the current availability of machines at different Renta branches. This reduces the need for additional inquiries. Don’t worry if the machine doesn’t seem to be in stock at the nearest branch right now. We will arrange a suitable machine for you upon order, confirming availability and delivery schedule.

Check contract prices and costs

Renta Easy makes cost management easy and brings you savings. You can see your company’s contract prices directly from Easy’s catalog. You can also view the costs of equipment for the duration of the construction site. You can also order automatic equipment lists to your email.

Customize your own catalog with your favorite products.

You can add rental items to your own list using the favorites button. This way, you can easily find the machines and equipment you often need.

Return the machine easily as soon as the need ends

Unused equipment should not be left lying around on the construction site. For the sake of both you, Renta, and the environment, it’s advisable to return machines as soon as they are no longer needed or exchange them for more suitable ones. This way, you save on rental costs, and the utilization rate of the equipment remains efficient.

Utilization rate has been proven to have the greatest impact on the carbon footprint of a machine’s lifecycle, so reducing unnecessary idle time is not only economically sensible but also an effective environmental action.

Renta Easy helps you identify and return surplus equipment.

Take control with Easy!

Renting through Easy