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Renta Construction Site Units

Almost nothing serves as a more robust calling card for a construction site than stylish, comfortable, and recognizable on-site facilities. Renta’s construction site facilities and furniture are always consistent and customizable according to the customer’s needs. You will find modern floor plans tailored to the needs of both small and large space requirements.

Our spaces are suitable not only for construction sites but also for exhibition and other event uses.


Renta’s construction site units are always consistent and practical. Bright, spacious, and designed for construction site conditions, our units cater to the needs of the customer. The units are produced in-house, allowing us to guarantee consistently high quality in all our spatial solutions.

We leverage modern technology and visual aesthetics in our construction site units.

For versatile use

Our construction site units can also be utilized as office spaces, at exhibitions and events, as well as in special projects. Ask our experts for more information on how you can leverage modern units for your operations

Renta Construction Site Units

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