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The commitment that has defined one day of Renta’s operations, valuing your trust, encompasses responsibility for people, the environment, and society at large. We adhere to a common symbol – Renta Future – in our sustainable development goals, actions, and solutions.

Professionals worth your trust

From the commitment that defines one day of Renta’s operations, promising professionals worthy of your trust, comes a responsibility for people, the environment, and society at large.

Keeping this promise is of utmost importance to us. It is evident in the company’s values, guidelines, culture, as well as choices and everyday actions. Sustainability is linked to sustainable development.

For us, responsibility involves choices that are right in the long term, both morally and for business. Choices that consider environmental, community, and economic sustainability.

Therefore, we want to promote responsible and sustainable development for the future in three ways: 1) by doing things better ourselves, 2) by helping our partners make better choices, and 3) by positively influencing local communities and society.

At the core of Renta’s operations, which is modern equipment rental, is the promotion of an efficient circular economy. This allows us to share valuable resources, thus making the same work more efficient for both the economy and the environment.

Openness, trust, and mutual respect form the basis of Renta’s winning culture. We aim to take care of occupational safety, well-being at work, opportunities to influence and develop skills, as well as equal treatment. We believe that well-being also reflects on our customers and partners.

It is a matter of honor for us that words and actions align. Therefore, we actively listen to both our own staff and customers. We promote occupational safety through equipment, services, and safety information.

We actively participate in industry organizations. In addition to supporting elite sports, we broadly support local sports and youth activities. We also aspire to be professionals worthy of your future.

For Renta’s sustainable development goals, actions, and solutions, we use a common symbol – Renta Future.