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Renta-Turva is your safety net if your rental equipment gets damaged during work! Ask for more details from your local depot.

Why Renta-Turva?
By choosing Renta-Turva for rental equipment, the customer can reduce the liability for damages associated with the rented equipment. For example, in case of damage, paying the deductible is cheaper than replacing the rental equipment
Where can Renta-Turva be purchased?
Renta-Turva can be purchased for all individual products from Renta*. (*excluding construction site units
How much does it cost?
Take a picture of the damaged equipment and the site of the damage. Contact the rental company. File a damage report
How to proceed in case of damage?
Renta-Turva is an affordable insurance option in case of damage. Renta-Turva is priced at a fixed rate of 7% of the recommended retail price rental fee. Both Renta-Turva and the deductible are subject to value-added tax