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Renta Group

Renta operates in Northern Europe with a workforce of almost 2000 employees and a network of 175 depots. The range of rental equipment covers a wide spectrum of machines and devices used on construction sites, along with related services. In addition to construction machinery, the company provides construction site facilities, scaffolding and weather protection services, as well as various construction-related site services.

“I always respond that our goal is simply to create a good company.”

– Kari Aulasmaa, CEO

In Northern Europe
175 depots
>2000 employees

We are professionals worth your trust

Local presence is at the core of our operations. Local rental offices understand the customer best. Renta’s rental offices have the authority and trust to make decisions and address customer needs with a local touch and entrepreneurial attitude.

We operate with an agile and lightweight corporate structure. We constantly strive to make renting easier for the customer and develop new solutions for it. Our success is built on a culture of trust, openness, and respect. At Renta, people come first – this applies equally to customers, renters, and all our partners.

Renta is founded on these values, and we will continue to thrive on them in the future.

We believe that our way of working with customers makes us the most attractive rental partner in the Baltic Sea region.

Our employees

There, where new things are built and created. There, where existing things are repaired and improved. There, where everyday life involves hard work and days whipped by the weather. There, where you are. That’s where you’ll find us.

Sitting on the same side of the table as you. Listening to you. Ensuring that collaboration is smooth and enjoyable. If your need is clear, we make it happen. If you need consultation, we tailor a solution that works for you.

Words to be measured by. That’s who we are. Always delivering what we promised. The machines and equipment you need. In the right place at the right time. Plus, peace to work. Job safety. Well-rested nights.

Developer and pioneer of the industry. We take responsibility for that. Utilizing modern technology and digital solutions. Developing better and more efficient work methods. Easing the customer’s everyday life. Transforming the industry.

Entrepreneurial professionals. Diligent, active, and worthy of trust. Experts who understand the big picture and follow through on things. That’s what people say about us. And that’s why we receive praise and recommendations.