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Installation Services

You can focus peacefully on your construction projects. We take care of everything else.

Construction installation services

You can conveniently get planning, installation, and maintenance services related to rental equipment from Renta. If you want to focus on your core competencies in the project, you can leverage Renta’s expertise to organize support activities.

Renta’s installer ensures that the right equipment is placed in the right location, at the right time – in good condition and ready for use.

Construction Site Units Installation

Clean, modern, and functional construction site units are the calling card of the construction site, valued by both our own employees and visitors, including clients and other stakeholders.

You can get construction site units from Renta, ready and equipped according to your needs. We can furnish the facilities with ready-made IT and telecommunication solutions, including a suitable, high-speed internet connection with a WLAN network. We can also provide information displays, meeting room screens, and printing services.

Once the requirements are defined, Renta takes care of the logistics, installations, and eventually the relocation to a new address. Basic installation usually takes about three days, and HVAC installation adds one more day.

Custom requests are routine for Renta’s installers. Units are often equipped with features like air-source heat pumps or better-than-average shower facilities.

Renta’s construction site units have been developed in collaboration with customers and are suitable for versatile use in different environments. Examples include exhibition booths, pop-up stores, restaurants, cafes, museums, reception buildings, information points – just to name a few ways in which construction site units have been utilized.

Other installations

Construction site facility HVAC installations

In addition to construction site heating, you can also get water and sewer pipe installations for construction site facilities from Renta, insulated and electrified.

Elevator installations

Renta installs construction site goods lifts and personnel lifts with accessories.

Other construction site installations

We are happy to install and maintain other equipment that impacts the operation and safety of the construction site. Naturally, we consider safety regulations in our installation work. Contact us and request a quote for items such as

  • Fencing
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Signage
  • Plywood installations
  • Air-source heat pumps
  • Refrigeration equipment installations
  • Construction site surveillance camera systems
  • Fire alarm systems
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