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Construction Site Electrification and Lighting as a Service

From Renta, you get equipment and all electrical and lighting installations, maintenance, and design for the construction site, with solid experience. The S1 electrical qualification allows us to work on various electrical tasks.

Full-Service Provider

Renta is a full-service provider. We offer services such as electrical planning, land and area cabling, overhead installations, surveillance camera installations, area lighting, connection cable installations, and electrical installations for small boat harbors – along with all the necessary rental equipment. For construction sites, events, or wherever you need electricity and lighting.

Our mission is to provide the most sensible solution for your needs and make life easier on the construction site. With solid expertise, flexibility, and a desire to serve, we earn your trust.

All the equipment and professional services needed for temporary construction site electrification and lighting can be obtained from your nearest Renta equipment rental branch.

Rent electrical and lighting
equipment from us

Versatile and high-quality equipment for you.

Construction Site Electrification and Lighting as a Service

Electrical design & lighting design

The staff at Renta has solid experience in construction site equipment as well as high-quality design and installation services. You can conveniently get everything you need from us.

Our mission is to create safe, properly dimensioned, and functional conditions for the construction site. Over- or under-dimensioned equipment is always a mistake. We take into account the needs of each customer and site and design the most cost-effective solution for them.


We install the electrical systems and lighting for construction sites from start to finish, without forgetting about maintenance. You can rely on us for electrical plans, land and area cabling, overhead installations, connection cable installations, area lighting, and camera surveillance with professionalism.

Our electrical competence level 1 (S1) gives us the right to operate comprehensively in all electrical work on the construction site. We operate safely and carefully in all electrical installations. Our electricians are trained professionals.

Maintenance and Servicing

Safety is of paramount importance, so our electrical and lighting equipment is always well-maintained and in good condition. By agreement, we take care of the maintenance and servicing of the equipment throughout the entire project. We also provide assistance for unexpected situations and needs.

Introduce your project to us – Let's find a solution together

From Renta´s depots, you can get all the equipment you need for rent. You can also challenge us: introduce your project and ask for a proposal on how we would implement the electrical and lighting aspects.

We focus on the quality of work and customer service. Occupational safety is our top priority. Through us, you can access a wide range of services for both small and large projects. We consider the needs of every customer and strive to find the most cost-effective solution.

From Renta, you can receive comprehensive electrical and lighting services tailored to your needs, including turnkey projects. We have extensive experience and the necessary electrical qualifications (S1) for demanding projects. However, no project is too small for us. Contact us and ask for more information.

Ask our experts for more information

Our depots serve on weekdays (Mon-Fri)  7.00 AM – 16.30 PM.