Well planned is half leased

Chosen wisely, scaffolding and weather protection can have an enormous impact on site.Both safety and cost-efficiency can reach record high when the leasing company is able to help design the equipment in addition to installation.This principle is honored at Renta Telineet.CEO of Renta Telineet Jarno Tuuri is excited.Having worked in the business for some 20 years, he has experienced an unprecedented renewal during the last two.

“Not so long ago we were a local operator. Along with Renta, we have become nation-wide – not forgetting local service. At least as an important step is the implementation of our new digital ERP system in March this year. This kind of system helps our management keep customers up to date on the project. This helps optimize the services from both angles,” he says.

Tuuri is a civil engineer and understands the construction principles of the company’s service products. That is why he emphasizes the importance of technical dimensions. This point of view will become stronger, he believes, particularly with weather protection, for which the maximum span keeps increasing.

“At the moment we’re able to deliver wetaher protections that spans 45 meters. It carries major importance for both costs and quality: the customer receives consistent protection over a large site without having to constantly move the cover.

On customer’s terms while minding production

One of the most important values of both Renta Telineet and the whole Renta community is customer focus.In this case, the concept involves genuine content, thanks to open culture and modern, transparency-enabling tools.

“Our management is constantly aware of the overall situation: how much equipment is available in which category and for how long. The necessary information is updated to all 120 technicians and to our customers, each of whom have their own dedicated account managers,” Jarno Tuuri says.

As account management is personal, it helps optimize operations so that the customer always receives the best possible scaffolding and weather protection solution to each site. It is equally important to time the service correctly and accurately. All this is self-evident and elementary to Jarno Tuuri and his team. Thanks to Renta cooperation, the resources always meet the need, and this makes the CEO happy.

“We’ve been able to develop our business and continue to do so in the future based on genuine customer focus. Our branches in Oulu and Turku take care of the customers in their economic areas with the same diligence that we have here in Tuusula,” Jarno Tuuri knows.

Regarding further development, he reveals that the ERP system will be improved.

“And safety, of course, is on the agenda as we continue. Finland, in addition to Sweden, presents perhaps the best safety on site in Europe. Our aim is to further improve this achievement. For that we need both technical skills and the right attitude towards work and customers.”