Renta Easy – Rentals

Renta Easy – rental depot in your pocket! Download from App Store and Google Play. You can also use the app straight from your browser at

Manage rentals, returns and maintenance 24/7

Make sure that you do not have machinery that you no longer need on your worksite. With Renta Easy, you can manage rentals, returns and equipment with a single press of a button wherever, whenever.

Your orders are automatically recorded in Renta’s system, enabling you to deal with all matters related to rental equipment quickly and reliably via a single system.

Select a suitable machine and accessories

With Renta Easy, you can view detailed technical data, such as the reach of a lifting device and machine capacity and weight. This makes it easier for you to select the right machine for your purposes. Add the machine to your shopping basket and select either collection or delivery to your worksite – everything can be arranged with a couple of clicks.

Having a machine that is fit for purpose brings financial benefits. It makes no financial sense to pay for a machine that is larger than necessary, and a machine that is too small makes work inefficient or even impossible. As your project progresses, your needs may change and a machine with less or more capacity may be more suitable.

Renta Easy offers easy access to accessories

Renta Easy suggests accessories you may need, such as safety harnesses and extension cables.

Check availability

From Renta Easy, you can see up-to-date machine availability at various Renta service points, without the need to make queries. No need to worry if the machine is not available at your nearest service point. Upon order, we arrange a suitable machine for you and confirm the availability and the delivery schedule.

Check contract prices and costs

Renta Easy offers an easy tool for managing costs and helps create savings. You can check your company’s contract prices directly from the Easy catalogue. You can also view rental costs accumulated during your project. The app also enables you to order automated equipment lists by email.

Create a customised catalogue of your favourite products

You can add rental products to favourites. This makes it easier for you to find the machinery and devices you need regularly.

Return machines easily when you no longer need them

Unused machines serve no purpose on a worksite. You, Renta and the environment benefit from machines being returned, or changed for more suitable ones, when they are no longer required. Your rental costs decrease and the equipment usage rates improve.

Studies have shown that usage rate is the single most important factor in determining a machine’s life cycle carbon footprint; therefore, preventing machinery downtime is not only financially beneficial but also good for the environment.

Renta Easy helps you identify machines that you no longer require and makes returning them easy.