Renta Easy – Company credentials

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Applying for company credentials

An application for a company username must be sent to the company’s administrator, who is responsible for granting access rights. If the company has not appointed an administrator, the application can be sent to Renta. On the basis of the information provided in the application, Renta determines the appropriate access rights.

A direct link to the application form:

In unclear situations, contact our technical support team:
[email protected]

Rights of various levels can be defined for company credentials

User rights are managed by the company’s administrator. A large organisation should appoint several administrators.

  • Administrator – can view all information and is able to manage the company account and user rights
  • Organisational user – full access rights without the right to manage other users
  • Worksite administrator – can manage one or more worksites
  • Worksite users – can rent equipment and view a worksite’s rental equipment and contract prices


Company usernames expire after a year. This ensures that former employees are not accidently left with usernames and passwords.