Dust control

Dust control is worth the investment in every phase of the project. Renta provides effective and functional solutions to any scale of dust control!

Effective dust control

Dust control provides significant competitive advantage in today’s construction. Done right, dust control saves money! When planned and implemented correctly, dust control improves occupational safety and keeps everybody healthy!

Renta provides everything necessary to ensure successful dust control. Our specialists are happy to help and answer any questions about dust control.

Dust control provides significant benefits:

  • Better occupational safety
  • Fluent workflow
  • Improved efficiency
  • No health hazards
  • No extra cleaning costs
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improved quality


Air purifiers are customized to clean the air in the location.
Purifiers are placed in P1 work 6–10xh and P2 work 1xh compartments and mixing tents. Underpressure is monitored and documented using a micromanometer if desired.


Choose a vacuum that best suits the project. One centralized vacuum cleaner can manage 16 floors. Or the project may use separate vacuum cleaners. For dust-intensive work phases, such as sanding and drilling, it’s best to choose a vacuum with tubing and suitable power.


Compartmentation is used to close a dusty or clean area to prevent spreading the dust.
The fastest and easiest way of compartmentation is to use telescopic walls with zipper doors.


How to achieve high quality dust control?

Whether you’re working on a new building or a renovation project P1 or P2, contact a Renta specialist.
We’ll study your project and provide a dust control plan. Renta can help create and implement a cost-effective dust control plan – turnkey if necessary.

Renta dust control includes the following:

  • Design/planning
  • Measuring
  • Installation
  • Service/maintenance visits

Without dust control:

With dust control: