Renta Easy services to construction sites

Renta Easy is the Innovation of the Year selected by Renta Group management.Renta Easy can be downloaded at App Store and Google Play or by registering at

The Renta Easy application developed for equipment management helps customers monitor their construction site equipment status in real time.Especially on large sites, equipment and project management become easier when it is known what equipment is on site and with what cost.On smaller sites, too, Renta Easy is helpful: returning the equipment is not forgotten because the application shows all valid lease contracts.

The breakthrough of smart devices has provided great opportunities to modernise equipment leasing. Renta has grabbed these opportunities by utilizing the latest technology in a sensible way in all of its operations. Renta has all along built its application-based solution first of all to manage equipment. This is how a mobile-optimised web application was created.

“This is how we can offer our customers full transparency regarding equipment and related costs. In this way all of our customers can immediately benefit from Renta Easy. It supports the traditional functions of online business, including equipment orders, says data administration manager Antti Nuutinen.

With Renta Easy, the customer has an opportunity for timely and effortless additional services, like maintenance orders to the site. When reviewing leasing operations in long term and considering the life cycle of a piece of construction site equipment, both the customer and the leasing company benefit from the business.

Developed in cooperation with customers

The development work preceding the implementation of Renta Easyn is based on the needs expressed by customers.Regional sales managers Tommi Gustafsson and Jari Jansson who are part of the Renta Easy development team have brought an important message directly from customers and sites to support the development. “In the future, too, this will be our way to develop Renta Easy.As an agile company, we are able to adapt to the customers’ wishes quickly,” says commercial director Kari-Tapio Saarela.  

Enthusiastically received by customers

Nico Tiihonen emphasises that Renta Easy supports the ideology of the company to focus on utilising digitalisation. “For us, utilising digitalisation means to make things easy for our customers.All systems interoperate, which makes work easier internally, too, and we have more time to serve the customers,” says Tiihonen, marketing and communications specialist at Renta Group.The launch of Renta Easy has already brought plenty of good experiences to its customers.Kari-Tapio Saarela is happy about how openly the customers have put the novelty to use.

“All of our customer groups have employed our digital services or are at least interested in them. The number of users in the service is constantly growing”, says Saarela.

Nico Tiihonen, Kari-Tapio Saarela and Antti Nuutinen feel good and proud to mention ‘transparency’ when talking about Renta Easy. The concept is popular these days, and in this case, it has real meaning, because with the help of the service the customer is able to check equipment status in real time and detail.

“However, we want to emphasise that nobody is forced to adapt a certain way to lease equipment. Contacting us in person is still a fine way to do it, just like any other way to reach us”, Antti Nuutinen notes.

In addition to active local contributions, digital business is now and in the future Renta Group’s best asset in the tight leasing competition.

“We operate in this moment and think well ahead”, Kari-Tapio Saarela concludes.