Renta covers the whole supply chain of on-site units

There is nothing that says quality on a construction site like stylish, comfortable and branded on-site units.This is the guideline Renta follows when making and leasing on-site units.The making and leasing of Renta on-site units is the responsibility of product line manager Jari Korhonen’s team.Headquartered in Tuusula, the team has been an integral part of Renta since day one.Korhonen’s own career in leasing started more than 20 years ago when he founded his own company later bought by Renta. “During Renta, the volume of operations has tripled and then some.This is also because we focused on the metropolitan area before, but now our business is nationwide”, Jari Korhonen says.The on-site unit collection Korhonen and his team have developed got started more than ten years ago when he decided to focus on producing and leasing this line of products. “Product development is important to be able to stand out on the market.In this way the unit collection will include something that the customers want and the other suppliers may not have.We are currently able to create digital floor plans on the go,” Korhonen says.Customers can express their exact wishes so that the units will “look like them”.According to Korhonen, the trend is to constantly upgrade the units, and these requirements must be met. “We have examples of units with professional kitchens.The feedback was that the kitchen was better than what has been provided by catering service companies,” Korhonen says.

Own design, logistics and installations

For Renta, it is essential to take care of the whole package so that the customer company can focus on their own business.When leasing units, this means that the customer’s role is to express their exact wishes of what is needed, when and where.Before, the requests were carefully reviewed together with the customer.

“There is great diversity in the supply, and typically the costs can vary from 10 to 20 per cent. I’d compare the situation to quality car business: after choosing the make and the model provided by us, the customer chooses the additional features,” Jari Korhonen explains.

There is only one key difference to car business: the units are delivered on site without the extra effort form the customer. When the Renta construction site team receives the location data, they manage the logistics, installations and transfers to the delivery address.

“It usually takes about three days. One more day, and we have electricity and HVAC installed,” promises Jari Korhonen.

In Renta’s case “normal installation” sounds like an understatement. Their deliveries nearly always include fulfilling special requests. For example, better-than-average showers are a norm. According to Korhonen, many customers invest in indoor climate and working conditions by requesting an air-source heat pump. It helps achieve the desired temperature despite the season.

“This is natural development when people work inside the unit as if in an office for 10 to 12 hours per day at maximum,” Korhonen says.