Renta caters to the construction boom in Turku

Marko Heinonen (left), Tommi Schmidt, Mauri Linde, Ari Heinonen, Aaro Kosonen and Jarmo Mutta are a customer-oriented yet laid-back team.Mikko Virkilä and Jani Koivukangas are missing from the picture.

In Turku, construction is reaching a new record in ten years.Conditions on busy sites vary, which emphasizes the importance of flexible leasing operations.A couple of businesses have been actively developed in the Turku region: traditional ship building and lately, biotechnology.Now both of these fields is booming.As a result, the migratory flow to Turku is now positive and the demand for apartments is high. “Turku is going really strong.We couldn’t have timed our kick-off here any better.June 8 of this year marks one year in Turku for us,” says Renta regional sales manager in Turku Marko Heinonen.Although Renta only started its operations in Turku last year, its key professionals are pioneers in equipment leasing.Many of the close to ten team members have worked together for a long time. “Yes, we’ve had fun before.However, Renta stands out among my previous employers in that the management and decision-making culture is uncomplicated and trusting,” says Jarmo Mutta, who has worked in the equipment leasing field for a quarter of a century.Tommi Schmidt, who works as a project manager in the Renta office of Turku, adds that when a professional is given more responsibility, they tend to accept it. “This way the customer relationships become sustainable.All major construction companies around here have been our customers since the beginning.At best a contract means a handshake and delivering the deal,” Schmidt says.

Work is fun and effective

Listening to the stories of the Renta Turku staff, one can only note how effortlessly they communicate and the humor that is present. “The customers like to visit us in person. At the same time we exchange important information.All is done effectively and in good spirit,” Marko Heinonen says while also complimenting the usefulness of Renta digital service.In his opinion equipment management has taken an important step forward with the active use of the real-time Renta Easy application.The value of the new service is emphasized because situations on sites vary faster than ever and only some of them can be predicted.

Occupational safety and condition monitoring requirements create demand

Aerial work platforms are the largest product group leased by the Renta Turku branch.The demand for them and scaffolding has increased strongly along the focus on occupational safety on all sites.Another important product for facade contractors is weather protection; its demand grows due to humidity control on site.As weather protection equipment becomes more massive, there’s more and more focus placed on installation service. “We are able to offer installation of very large weather protection materials; that is a big advantage,” Tommi Schmidt says.

Mauri Linde is 68-year-old “summer help” who wants to work in nice team although he doesn’t have to work, not for years.