This Privacy Statement is the joint Privacy Statement of the Renta Group, which is Renta Oy, Renta Telineet Oy, Renta Yhtiöt Oy, and Renta Group Oy.

Updated June 29, 2019

  1. 1. The Registrar
    Renta Yhtiöt Oy
    Äyritie 12 B
    01510 Vantaa
    Business ID 2443140-3
    pp. 020 33 22 11
  2. The Data Protection Officer
    Joel Särkkä, CIO
    pp. 050 323 5569
  3. Name of the personal register
    Customer Register
  4. Purpose of the personal register
    The Customer Register is used to manage customer relationships under applicable laws in service, rental, and sales activities.
  5. Information content of the personal register
    The customer register maintains customer information such as: corporate customer’s name, private customer’s name, business ID, personal identification number, address, telephone number, branch, customer group, bank account, payment terms, interest rate method, language, country, currency, tax identification number, organization, telematics information, email address, web address, company risk rating, billing and debt collection information, customer relationship information, possible credit or delivery ban.
  6. Regular sources of personal data
    We use the credit records of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and Intrum Oy as well as the Population Information System of the Population Register Center for credit-related events. Besides, the source of information is the information provided by the data subject himself.
  7. Regular disclosure of personal data and the transfer of data outside the EU or the European Economic Area
    Except in the case of misconduct or receivables transferred to the debt collection agency, Renta Group does not sell or disclose information in the Customer Register to third parties. In the event of misuse, under the Data Protection Board’s approval decision number 4/2003, the information will be made available on a block list for use by all of the Association of Finnish Technical Trade’s construction equipment rental companies. Customer register data can be transferred within the Renta Group companies.
  1. Principles of personal file security
    The information contained in the customer register is only accessible to persons who are strictly necessary for the performance of their duties. Usage is based on e.g., passwords and other protections so that unauthorized people have no access to the information. Personal data will be handled with due care required by data protection law. No personal data can be accessed from outside the Renta Group’s internal data network. The material is stored electronically and is accessible only to credit control persons (individual usernames and passwords). In the case of credit control, manually processed material shall be destroyed immediately after processing. Outdated personal information will be deleted at least once a year, unless there are other legitimate obstacles to its removal, such as the Accounting Act.
  2. Personal Data Review Right & Debugging Requests
    Under applicable law, an individual has the right to verify what information concerning him is stored in the Customer Register. The request for verification must be in writing and must be signed by hand. Information provided in response to a verification request shall be sent in writing by mail to the address provided by that person in the Customer Register or, in the case of an electronic request, to that person’s email address. The data subject shall have the right to have his or her data corrected. Requests for rectification must be made in writing or electronically to the address below.

A written request for a review/rectification must be submitted to:
Renta Yhtiöt Oy
Joel Särkkä
Äyritie 12B
01510 Vantaa

The request for review/rectification must be submitted electronically to:
[email protected]

  1. Cookies and Personal Information
    We use cookies to collect information about the use of our websites, the web browser of the people who visit them, and the type of terminal, for example. We use cookies to enable the functionality of our services, to analyze site usage and optimize the user experience, to develop and report on, and to target advertising. Also, the site or any part thereof may use third-party cookies.

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This cookie statement is a joint statement of the websites of the Renta Group, which is Renta Oy, Renta Telineet Oy, Renta Yhtiöt Oy, and Renta Group Oy.

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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small anonymous user-specific text file that is stored in a user’s web browser. Only the server that set the cookie can later read the cookie and recognize the browser, for example, when a user returns to a previously visited site. Cookies do not damage the user’s device, and cookies generally do not identify the user personally.

Cookies are divided into session-specific and persistent cookies. Session cookies expire when a user terminates a session on the service, while persistent cookies remain in the browser for a certain amount of time or until deleted by the user. Cookies facilitate the use of websites and enable functionality such as session remembering, user-personalization, authentication, language selection, and advertising targeting.

First-party cookies are set by Renta Group’s sites. In addition to these, our services are using so-called third-party cookies, such as measurement and tracking providers, ad technology vendors, and social media services.


What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies to collect information about the use of our sites, the web browser of the users who visit them, and the type of terminal, for example. We use cookies to enable the functionality of our services, to analyze site usage and optimize the user experience, to develop and report on, and to target advertising.

We perform statistical analysis of the count of visitors to our sites, the number of visitors to our services, the effectiveness of our advertising, and the technical environment of browsers visiting the website.

It is possible to associate information obtained from cookies with identified users who are logged in to our site. For more information, see the Privacy Statement:


Cookies necessary for the operation of our websites

Essential cookies allow basic operations such as navigation, embedding content on websites, and logging in. The user can completely block the use of cookies in a web browser. Most browsers are configured with their browser’s privacy settings. This will prevent all cookies from being stored and may result in the unavailability of all functionality of our sites.

Personal information collected with cookies

Renta collects personal information with cookies in three ways:

  1. Content that the user adds to the service. These include:
  • User comments
  • Contents of contact forms
  • The media content (images/videos/documents) uploaded by the user to the site and any metadata they may contain (including EXIF ​​information added by the user to the images)

If the user uploads images to the Renta Group sites, he/she should avoid downloading images that contain recorded location information (EXIF GPS). Visitors to the site can download and view geographic information from the images they have on the site.

Websites use the image optimization add-on. It does not store or share personal information. In some cases, the image added to the sites may be uploaded to an EU / EEA server for image compression, and the original versions of the images may be stored for a maximum of 30 days. The optimization API will retain images for up to 30 minutes.

The information collected in the forms will be kept only for the necessary period, for a maximum of 6 months among other things Customer service or recruitment, but the information will not be used for marketing purposes unless otherwise stated on the form.


  1. Renta’s own cookie information collected by technical means:
  • gathering user navigation keystrokes (which will allow the user to return to the previous page, for example) and Language Selection, which will record the selected and last visited language and the language of logged-in users
  • When completing all forms, the user’s IP address and browser version information is also collected to facilitate the detection of spam
  • If the user leaves a comment on the site, they can choose to save the name, email address, and URL in the cookie. This feature adds convenience because you don’t have to fill out the form each time you add a comment. The cookie information will be deleted from the browser after one year.
  • Also, if a user can log on to, we set a temporary cookie that determines whether or not the user’s browser supports cookies. This cookie does not contain any personal information and is automatically deleted when you close your browser window. When a user logs in, we set some cookies that store the login and display settings. Sign-in cookies will be deleted within two days, cookies related to display settings will be deleted in one year. If the user selects “Remember Me” during login, the login information will be retained for two weeks. If the user logs out, the cookies associated with the logon are deleted at the same time. If a user publishes an article or modifies an existing one, we will store a cookie containing the article identifier of the article to be edited. The cookie expires in one day. Login and user information, as well as any changes made by the user to the site, are recorded so that changes to the site are identifiable to the logged in user and time of day.
  1. Technically Collected Information Collected by a Third Party Using Embedded Content or Technology on the Renta Website

This corresponds to the fact that a user would directly from the third-party site. Renta’s website cannot directly influence the operation of these cookies. The cookie policies of the Services may change regardless of Renta’s operations. These sites may collect information about the user, uses cookies to embed third-party tracking cookies and monitor the user’s interaction with embedded content, including monitoring the interaction, if and when the user is logged Renta’s site.

Third parties include:

  • Third-party content and advertising services: Fonecta, Matterport, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google DoubleClick, SalesForce DMP, Play, and Facebook, which have up-to-date cookie policies. services
  • Google Analytics, which uses Google’s cookie policies, which collect, anonymous IP address, type of terminal, time spent on the site, pages visited, and traffic sources. Google Analytics uses Google’s cookie policies.
  • A Google Ads account is linked to a Google Analytics account, which allows the segmentation of the visitor to your site for remarketing purposes. That is, a cookie allows Renta to advertise Renta’s advertising on the Google Display Network, under the Google Ads Terms of Service, to those who have visited Renta’s site.
  • Anonymous hash generated from a user’s email address may be sent to the Gravatar service to determine if the commenter is a service user. This will allow the commenter’s avatar image to be displayed along with the comment.
  • EWWW Image Optimizer, which can send a user’s image to a site on the US server for up to 30 days. The service is designed to reduce and compress image files.
  • CloudFlare global content delivery network (CDN), which uses cookies so that it can store and display web content (images) based on the IP address information from the server nearest to a third party as soon as possible

Updated June 29, 2019

Data file of Renta Oy, Renta Telineet Oy, Suomen Työmaapalvelut Oy, Renta Yhtiöt Oy and Renta Group Oy
Data file in accordance with Personal Data Act (523/99) section 10 §.

Renta Yhtiöt Oy
Äyritie 12B
01510 Vantaa
Business ID 2443140-3
tel. +358 20 33 22 11

2.Person responsible for registered data
Data Administration Manager Joel Särkkä
tel. +358 50 323 5569

3.Title of the register
Customer register.

4.Purpose of the register
Customer relationship management (Personal Data Act section 8) in accordance with the Personal Data Act for leasing and sales operations.

5.Information included in the register/data file
The customer register is to maintain customer data, such as the company name, person’s name, business ID, social security number, address, phone number, branch, customer group, bank account, payment terms, interest rate, language, country, currency, tax code, organization, device and telematics data for equipment leased by the customer, email address and website (optional), company risk assessment, invoicing and collection data, customer account data, and prohibition on credit or delivery (if applicable).

6.Regular sources of data
We use the credit registers of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and Intrum Justitia as well as the civil register in relation to credit transactions.In addition, the data given by the registered person.

7.Regular data submissions and transfers outside the EU or European Economic Area
Renta Yhtiöt Oy does not sell or submit the data in its customer register to any third party excluding cases of abuse or receivables transferred to a collection agency.According to the Data Security Board’s authorizing decision 4/2003, in case of abuse, the data is submitted to a blacklist that can be used by all equipment leasing companies that belong to the Association of Finnish Technical Traders.Customer register data can be transferred within the companies that belong to the Renta Group.

8.Principles of data file protection
At Renta Yhtiöt Oy, registered data can only be accessed by people for whose work it is absolutely necessary.Data is accessed based on passwords and other restrictions so that those who are not concerned have no access.Registered data is managed carefully in accordance with the data protection law.Registered data cannot be accessed from outside Renta’s internal data network.The material is electronically documented, and only credit control persons have the right to access it (via user IDs and passwords).The material manually handled by credit control is destroyed immediately after handling.Out-of-date register data is removed once a year, unless required to be maintained for other legal reasons, such as accounting act.

9.Right of review & correction requests
According to Personal Data Act section 26 a private person has the right to review their personal data saved in a register.The request must be submitted in writing and signed personally.The requested data is given in writing and delivered by post to the address given by the person to the register.The registered person has the right to correct any error in their personal data.The correction request must be submitted in writing to the address stated below.

Submit review/correction request using the following address:

Renta Yhtiöt Oy
Joel Särkkä
Äyritie 12B
01510 Vantaa

Or electronically:
[email protected]