Open communication is one of the Fira basics

Alina Leppänen is happy with Renta on-site units and their delivery is on time.Tommi Gustafsson listens carefully to her feedback.

Fira has introduced a new way of working to the Finnish construction culture, combining customer focus with open and equal communications with partners.Their cooperation with Renta’s on-site unit leasing is a good example of fluent partnering.For the contractor, a clean and visible line of on-site units is a great way to remind the environment of what is going on.As the importance of consistently visible units is growing, the requirements for the unit suppliers are becoming higher. “Renta has managed to meet these challenges expertly.Thanks to our cooperation, we now have a collection of units equipped according to our terms”, states site engineer Alina Leppänen, who is responsible for unit purchasing at Fira.She compliments Jari Korhonen and the team’s approach and skills. “Our joint objective is to have comfortable office space and break rooms on all of our sites”, Leppänen says.

Equipped to the highest standard

Alina Leppänen says that at first they doubted at Fira if it was possible to have everything necessary come from just one supplier.There is no doubt now after their experience of the cooperation. “Jari and team arrive and save the day; that’s customer service to the highest standard”, Leppänen states.Predictive site planning is a way of working at both Fira and Renta. “Sometimes we may need to make a fast decision regarding the equipment on an individual site.Renta is available for on-demand service, too”, Leppänen rejoices.

Three basic models are enough

On-site unit procurement is one of the basic initial tasks of the main contractor.Leaving that to a reliable partner is a sensible decision, however. “That way we can focus on our core business, and save energy for what we do and must do best”, notes foreman of the Fira Keilalahti office construction site Pekka Kaven.The pace at the Fortum HQ site is fast, and therefore it was super important to have correctly equipped units on site quickly. “Accessories are unique and can be delivered according to the customer’s terms to all three basic models that we currently offer.Here in Keilalahti, the need was to use the largest alternative, which is model A”, says regional sales manager at Renta, Tommi Gustafsson.