New homes for senior citizens

Having achieved a strong position in contracting in Turku, Jatke Oy decided to tackle an exceptional project last year.A property unfinished but put into business use in 1990 and left empty for years was decided to renovate into apartments for senior citizens. “We decided to go with this option, not to demolish everything but keep the frame and facade of the building.Demolition was a demanding project, not to mention massive renovation inside the old frame,” says production director Petri Mäkitalo of Jatke Oy.

Marko Heinonen (left), Jani Aava and Petri Mäkitalo together see that the right equipment is available in the right place at the right time on the construction site of the “Kulkurin valssi” housing complex.

Construction site foreman Jani Aava says that with Renta Easy he can quickly find out which equipment is leased on site and until when.

“We can check the costs in real time, too, and monitor if the equipment that is no longer needed has been returned. Traditionally in this field we’ve only found out when the bill arrives,” Aava notes.