As ordered on site for Paumer

The Renta Oulu branch is a familiar and welcome place for Timo Rautiainen of Rakennus-Paumer.

Founded in 2014, Rakennus-Paumer Oy has in a short time become a trusted and successful construction company in northern Ostrobothnia and the Kainuu region.The roots of the company are in Kajaani, and for a year it has also operated in Oulu. “Here in Oulu, we have renovated schools and a shopping centre.We’ve leased the equipment for these sites from Renta, and all has gone well”, shares Rakennus-Paumer’s director in Oulu  Timo Rautiainen.He says they quickly implemented Renta’s new equipment management application Renta Easy. “The benefits can be seen already.The goods arrive on site, on time and in optimal quantity.If I make the order today, tomorrow we have everything ready as agreed on site”, he says.Rautiainen emphasises that in addition to functional products and services, personal relations matter.Cooperation with the key persons at Renta got started years ago, he notes. “Collaboration has been good all along.An additional benefit with the new service is that we can now optimise the lease period as well.Before, we would sometimes forget stuff on site for a long time after it was no longer needed.This will no doubt improve the cost-efficiency of leasing”, Rautiainen says.